Bohol Bee Farm

Our First stop in Bohol ..... the  Bohol Bee farm.

We waited for about 30 minutes for the next available guide. It took us that long to wait because all the guides were on their lunch break..sigh.

so while waiting, we took the time to have some rest in their lounge area

and  checked out the  gift shop .

The tour started at  the  herbal  garden, the guide explains some uses of the herbs,sometimes she would  even ask questions. :) 

next the makeshift  beehive ( for tourist purposes only)

The bee sting according to our guide is medicinal contrary to some beliefs. Everybody was  given the chance to hold the bee colony obviously for photo opt, if you get stinged that's free but if you did it on purpose , you pay php50 or was it Php500 (?) I don't remember if it's really how much because I was not paying attention at that time. LOL!!! . The reason why they charge is because once a bee stung it will die immediately. Replacement costs a lot because you cant just buy a bee , you need to buy the whole colony.

after explaining what the bees can do, the guide asked us to locate the queen bee.

(whew! how would i know they all look the same)

 and everyone were  given the chance to take souvenir photos with the beehive.

. I was shaking the beehive on purpose hoping  the bee will stung me..(lol!).. The straw hat I was wearing was given to me(us) before the tour but you will return it afterwards.

The farm also  have a restaurant that serve mostly organic foods.

must try  is their organic  ice cream .i had malunggay flavor and its really good.
ice cream flavors

Another feature  of the farm is their livelihood area, finished products are sold at their gift shop.

They also have accomodations , pool and open air function area.

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