Dauis Church

There's a beautiful old church in Panglao, known as Our Lady Of the Assumption to the locals and Dauis church to the tourist, it's located in  the town of Dauis.

"The image of the "La SeƱora de la Asuncion” is famed to be miraculous. Faithfuls from afar hike the distance from their city to the site to invoke special petitions or mainly to honor the Patroness. In addition, at the foot of the altar of the church is a well also believed to have healing power. The water tastes oddly fresh, despite the well's proximity to the seashore.
You can get a bottle of water that came from the well for free. ( I got 2 bottles).

Stories abound that of the Patroness' sojourn and blessings. One of the stories tells of a man who found a camiseta in his fishing boat after a lady passenger disembarked. On several occasions, devotees found the Patroness' camiseta full of amorseco. Many believe the Patroness must, on occasions, gets down from her pedestal to visit them in their homes and farms. To this day, devotees continue to venerate and pay homage as manifestation of gratitude and appreciation after being healed of their ailments through the camiseta.

...The church's interior

the main altar

At the back of the church, you will find another tower, smaller than the one infront. This tower was used to be a watchtower for incoming muslims.

...a beautiful green lawn
and the  sea with the seaport.

besides the old house is  the grotto, 

Here is a short history how the place was named Dauis:
"According to locals, the name "Dauis" was founded by an American who happened to pass by a shore where he saw a fisherman fishing with a hook, line and bobber. The fisherman was chest deep in the water and would cast his line out into the sea and when the fish were caught, the fisherman would pull on the line made a sound like "weese", at which time the fisherman said "daui" which in the native language was telling the American that he had caught a fish. So the American said this place is "Dauis" because of the "weese" and "daui" from the fisherman.

According to local natives a deep well was constructed in Upper Songculan, Dauis, Bohol in the year 1900 by a Spaniard leader. The locals provided the labor. The well depth is more or less 30 fathoms and the diameter is more or less three meters. Information revealed that during the construction of the well was done through manual digging using bolos, crowbars, pulleys, rope for digging into the soil stones, which contains limestone rock."

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