Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan cave is a naturallylighted cavern with deep lagoon and many large stalactites and stalagmites.

 The  cave is lighted naturally  by  sunlight which filters through holes in the ceiling. The underground lake is a swimming spot

 According to the story, the cave was accidentally discovered when the owner of the area,he  was clearing the decaying branches of the land when he found the hole.That hole used to be very small but over the years it became bigger.

The story continues, the owner throw a stone into the hole,  he heard a splash. Then he build a ladder to get into the cave. They named it Hinagdanan cave, means "laddered"which is  used to get into the cave's interior.

.... bats  are everywhere in the cave's ceiling. 

 There's only one entrance and exit , with low ceiling and only one person can pass at a time(pic 292, 293)

Inside the cave , there's also a lagoon with greenish surface produced by the green limestone at the bottom of the pool.

Each group of visitors are assigned with one tour guide.I must say , they are good photographers too!.รน

our tour guide cum photographer
  that's our tour guide who made fun  of us while taking  photos as we go out of the cave one by one . ( hehe), he calls out names/countries like in beauty pageants.

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