Panglao Church


St. Augustine Church also commonly called Panglao Church was the last on our first day itinerary in Bohol.
we weren't able to go inside the church because it's already close. I researched for some facts and information on the church:

"The extant church, imposing and awe-inspiring especially if viewed from its right side, stands beside the ruins of an older church, probably from Jesuit times. The ruin’s fa├žade indicate that it may have been Baroque in design. This church was ruined before 1886. Church records show that a provisional church, made of tabigue and wood, was constructed.

To the rear of the ruins, further off to the seashore, stands a 5-storey bell tower built of cut stone in 1851. Octagon in shape and covered by a pitched roof, the tower is said to be the tallest of its kind in the Philippines. This tower as a heritage of the past needs urgent restoration 

The St. Augustine church is famed for its ceiling murals. Above the nave are paintings depicting the seven sacraments. Above the sacristy are paintings of the patron saint, the Last Supper and the Blessed Trinity.

Unlike many churches, this church has retained and renovated its communion rails.Also still in use are two antique wooden confessionals, richly carved with grape-vine, flower and dove patterns.

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