The Tower Story Part IV: Berliner Fernsehturm


This Tower in Berlin like the KL tower is also a telecomunications tower, a television tower to be exact- It is Berlin's highest building that offers 360° view of Berlin.

The waiting area before boarding the elevator:

the picture below is the elevator indicator, the 2 small red dots, thats  the 2 elevators and it shows  on what floor it is.

By the way, If you plan in going up , don't bring any liquids they confiscate any kinds of liquid except if its a medicine or it's really very important.
The observation deck called Panoramic view is 203m above the ground and offers spectacular view of Berlin

The spot where I took this photo, you can see the Russian radar on the mountain range, too bad my camera lense can't capture it.

One floor up from the Panoramic floor is restaurant by reservation only and have priority in the elevator.

 There's also bar at the viewing floor, I was thinking that maybe one reason  they confiscate all liquids is because of this bar.(?)

 And don't throw your ticket because you will need it to enter and leave the tower or else you will be stuck in the turnstile.

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