While in Dubai, there's this little restaurant we frequented near the Jumeriah open beach called Bu Qtair Restaurant. 
 It's one of those open-air restaurant that you sit and eat your meal outside but I think this one is literally and figuratively open air restaurant. 

The setting, when you arrived at the place , there is a small building or let's just say the kitchen wherein you will have your order taken.They actually have only one kind of dish, Fried seafoods...fried spicy seafoods. 

After ordering you will have to wait outside and the will give you  plastic monoblock chairs and/or just stand there if there are no more chairs available until they will call your name. WHen you hear your name that means your food is ready, only then will you be seated. 

One thing i noticed about the restaurant aside from its  unique setting are its customers. The restaurant is located very near the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel and Dubai's premier residential and business  district but diners are mostly foreigners and/or wealthy expats. One time we ate there, one diner came with his ferrari.
BTW, don't go there late and hungry because you the wait is around 30-40 minutes.

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