Club SE7EN is located at Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel it  is being described as:

"A high energy nightclub that draws you in with its hip ambiance. the club comes e every evening with the hottest beats and trendy crowd. the delectable menu is tailored to suit higher tastes and is accompanied with an indulgent cocktail list"

It's really fully-packed especially on  Thursday and Friday nights, that's the weekend in the Middle East.
One funny incident, me and the rest of the ladies went to the club ahead of the guys. After an hour they arrived at the club with their shorts... Hello!, the club dress code dont allow shorts for guys. They asked for the club manager and told him that if they will  not be allowed to go inside then they will call their companions, that's us, to go out of the club too. I think that convinced the manager because they set-up a table for them at the back of the crowd since it's already jampacked. LOL!!
We really had fun drinking and dancing 'till closing time and beyond.
 They say they are very strict in the Middle East, says who?

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