The unique architectural design has been said to have an appearance similar to either a durian (a tropical fruit) or the eyes of a fly. Hence, the building is colloquially known to locals as "The Durian" or "The Big Durian"

The Esplanade contains world-class performing spaces, coupled with a wide range of professional support services and facilities.

Other than performing venues, the Esplanade also contains meeting venues, as well as other lifestyle and arts related services.

The main highlights of the Esplanade - the Concert Hall and Theatre, are connected to the main Concourse via a foyer.while the Esplanade Mall is accessible through an entry point located between these 2 halls

  There is an outdoor open space on the fourth floor of the building, which is the highest point open to the public.
the Marina Bay Sands at the background
The Esplanade features an outdoor performing venue called the Outdoor Theater.

There are also courtyards and open spaces which can be used for various activities.

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