Lapu-Lapu Monument


On 27.April 1521, the spanish conquering explorer Ferdinand Magellan lost his life in a battle while attempting to make a landing in Punta Engano. Punta Engano is the north-eastern corner of Mactan Island.

In 1866 a memorial , the Magellan Marker, was erected to commemorate the spot where he fell.

 A few metres away, a statue of Chief Lapu-Lapu, complete with sword and shield, keeps the memory of this popular hero alive.

Lapu-lapu city is the  Site where the battle between Mactan Island Chieftain Lapulapu and the Foreign aggressor Ferdinand Magellan occurred in April 27, 1521. It depicts the hero holding a bolo in one hand and a pestle on the other. Said weapons were believed to have been used during his combat with Magellan. This monument stands as a reminder of Filipino bravery.

The historic battle for Mactan (Kadaugan sa Mactan) is re-enacted each year on the beach at Magellan Bay by amateur actors

Chief Lapulapu”s (1491-1542) other name is Kolipulako, is described as stern, proud, intelligent, unyielding. He waged continuous war against the powerful ruler of Cebu, then a very much greater kingdom than his little island of Maktang.

A statue of Santa Claus can be found monument's yard, Surprised? Me too!

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