Snorkelling at the Marine Sanctuary

Part of the sea tour package aside from island hopping and dolphin watching  is snorkelling in Balicasag Marine Sanctuary.

I'm not very fond of swimming in the sea because my skin got easily irritated when it's too hot but I must admit I did really enjoyed snorkelling.

Going to the marine sanctuary, one must rent a small boat.

 Our guide serves as our official photographer too!

 He would take us photos under the sea. 

I really want to go back here and swim with the fishes again, and I'm planning to bring with me my niece and nephews. I'm sure they will like it too and besides the water is only waist deep. 

The water is clear enough  to see the fishes without going down.

 Bring bread to feed the fishes, i swear they will all come swarming at you.

is that nemo?
aside from cute fishes, the corals are worth mentioning too.

On our way back we saw blue starfishes,my first time to see that color of starfish, I always thought they are all red in color. our guide was kind enough to get two starfishes but asked us to return them back in the sea. Didn't I say that the marine sanctuary if protected?

It's all worth the sunburned..:):)

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