The Towers Story Part 1: Petronas Twin Towers

Here is my blog for each of the four towers mentioned in my previous blog. Starting of with the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur

The Lobby

Standing at a height of 452 metres above the ground, the PetronasTwin Towers are the tallesttwin towers in the world. It has 88 storeys but visitors can only go up to  either one of the double  decked Skybridge on levels 41 and 42.

The design of each tower's floor plan is based on Islamic geometric forms of two interlocking squares creating a shape of eight-pointed stars

Before anyone can go up to the skybridge, all visitors are required to a briefing and  watch a short clip about the Towers done    by group according to time schedule  ,color coded  visitors id will be given.Take note that they only give limited tickets a day, no advance bookings. Me and friends were there as early as 6am  and we were number 3 on the line.

After the film viewing, while waiting for your turn to go up, everybody will be  ushered at the Exhibition Centre

When it's  time to go up, you will pass through the scanner then leave your bags at the counter before boarding the lift. Their elevators are one of the fastest in the world.

But before you will finally  step on the skybridge , there will be another short briefing.

After finally  your 15minutes on the  skybridge.

I was in the first line when I took this pic :) that's why it's still empty.
Below are some pics of the views taken at the skybridge.

Adjoining the twin towers is the Suria KLCC, a six level shopping mall.

The malls' elevator

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