After attending the Canonization of San Pedro Calungsod in Vatican, I told my sister in law that I wanted to visit The Scala Sancta located just opposite of the Basilica Di San Giovanni in Laterano. 
a very simple facade to a very important religious site
The Scala Sancta sometimes spelled as Scala Santa or  Holy Stairs in English  is believed to be   the steps that led up to the Praetorium of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem, which Jesus Christ stood on during his Passion on his way to trial.
 According to the  legend, the Holy Stairs were brought from Jerusalem to Rome in the 4th century by St. Helena, mother of Constantine the Great.
 I was having second thoughts in climbing  the Holy Stairs on my knees because I have a sciatica on my left knee. I did anyway after seeing older persons doing it.  It was a humbling experience. I was praying and almost cried while ascending.It was painful in my knees but but as I went up higher i felt lesser  pain. 
 The twenty-eight white marble steps  is now encased in protective  wooden steps but some parts of the original marble steps can be seen through the wood. There were some steps stained by blood of Christ. These blood-stained steps   covered with gold plated metals and glass. 

blood stained step protected by gold metallic casing

  At the top of the Scala Santa is the The stairs lead to the Sancta Sanctorum or  Holy of Holies. It is the personal chapel of the early Popes in the Lateran Palace, known as the chapel of St. Lawrence.

  For other visitors who do not wish to climb  with their knees, there are   other "less holy stairs" located at either side of the  Holy Stairs. I saw some pilgrims who used these stairs to climb, then they would kneel at the top of the Holy Stairs where there is another blood stained step.
 Inside the very simple building is another chapel dedicated to Padre Amantini located just at the  back of the Sancta Sanctorum.The remains of Padre Candido Amantini a well known Exorcist was transferred here on March 21, 2012. He was named " The Servant of God" and is now being considered for beatification, opposite his relic is a beautiful altar.


  1. It must be one of places people should come in life. Can you share higher quality photos.

  2. I was watching a number of the blog articles on your website, I like your way of blogging. Hope you will be the better articles in the near future.

  3. I will come here in next year. SCALA SANTA so beautiful.

  4. Wow, lovely photos! It is amazing to look at the architecture and design when traveling - especially the old buildings. Such attention to detail is truly remarkable!


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