Hotel Homs is a four(4) star hotel, according to the hotel's website, in Rome. It is strategically located very near the Spanish Steps.Just opposite the reception area is the Vuda Bar, where guests can have their breakfast.
I had the chance to stay here just for a night before my 9-day trip to Thailand last year. The hotel is beautiful outside but the room where i stayed  smelled awful apart from its small size.For a 4 star hotel, my room especially my bed don't fit in that category. 
There's just one thing i like about the room, its the bathroom. The glass sink/lavatory made the bathroom looked modern. Even the shower door is in glass. Above all the toilet bowl was sealed. I've never seen a sealed toilet bowl before.  
To sum it up, the hotel have a very good location but the room was too small and smelled bad( I'm speaking on the  room where I stayed only I don't know if its the same case with the other rooms)

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