It was a lazy-rainy-winter-day when I decided to organize my photos and  came across to this album taken way back in 2009. It dawned on me that this is my first ever international solo backpacking adventure. It is a two- week summer get away in France and a side trip to  Spain.
At that time, I was not yet fluent in Italian and I don't speak French nor Spanish but I researched and found out that English is widely spoken in those said countries.To my surprise, some French and Spanish words are somewhat similar to Italy's language. For clarification, I only got to understand a French or Spanish word when it is written,pronunciation  is so much different  especially  French.
Anyway, I initially planned to go to Paris where I will meet my friend, Myra. We have known each other way back  in the Philippines. Later on, I decided to go to Barcelona as a side trip for 2 days(including my travel time), thus I booked a flight with the main purpose of visiting the Sagrada Familia . Lucky me, I was able to book a promo ticket for 50Euro round trip. Through Friendster( Facebook was not yet popular at that time ) I contacted a former High school classmates who is based in Barcelona. The power of internet!.
 My trip became more memorable when suddenly a group of Filipinos organized  a pilgrimage tour  to the Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine on the  day after my arrival from Barcelona. I immediately reserved my slot even though I didn't know anyone in the group. All my companions were   all Ilonggos( Iloilo, Ph) except me but I never felt out of place rather I gained new friends. For 150 Euro everything were all free, from transportation, food and accommodation plus a side trip to Biarritz and Irun. There was never a dull moment even when we were on the road.We played Bingo in the bus and well, I won 24euro...talking about lucky huh!
Between Barcelona and Paris in terms of nightlife, I would go for Barcelona. The Catalonia's city is more vibrant and alive compared to Paris. Some of my friends and acquaintances  who had already visited Paris   agreed with me that the French capital is overrated. Well, we all have different perspectives and for me that's how I see the two famous cities.

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