Baguio's newest tourist attraction is the Tree Top Adventure located inside the former USA Military base, Camp John Hay. The area used to be forested with hundreds of pine trees. The trees are still there which I think this adventure make one more closer to nature. 
As of April 2013 these are the  different activities and how much it cost.  
1. Silver Surfer  Ride- maybe patterned from the famous American film Fantastic Four: The Silver Surfer. The adventurer stands on a ledge while holding a bar and go up and down on the diagonal 70-meters long zipline. Cost of the ride   is  P200.
silver surfer "launching ramp"
2.  Trekking and Skywalk -For the two, cost is P100. The trek is  a leisurely walk that takes about 10-15 minutes. Skywalk on the other hand is walking on an elevated ramp at 1000 feet which also serves as viewdeck. 
skywalk cum view deck
3.  Funicular/Canopy Ride - to enjoy this ride be ready to shell-out P350. The Canopy ride takes the adventurer from one station tower  to another    while seated on a cable chair at around 20 feet high.  It requires  a transfer in  ride on its 8 towers.  The 30 meter  Funicular ride serves as a connecting  ride  from one canopy tower to another. Just like the canopy ride, adventurer would be seated either going up and down. 
 4.  Superman Ride - for  P300  this 200 meter long and 150 feet high zipline    lets you ride  face down as if you are flying.  
canopy ramp
5. Tree Drop Adventure - as the name suggest adventurer will be drop from   60 feet down. This free fall adventure have three ways: 
     a. you may go down in a sitting position using the harness
     b. or try it head first and feet up
     c. or face down with arms wide open.
  Rate per persons is P150.00

Guests can also choose from the rides and adventure combo packages  that suits their adventure level. There's also entrance fee of P100.00 but it is consumable in any rides. For our part we get the Package A. For someone like us who just came  from our extreme adventure in Sagada we just needed something to relax. The canopy and funicular ride coupled with skywalk and trekking is just the right combination to chill our adrenalin.
Before going, It is advisable  to check the weather  because they halt operations during bad weather.  

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