Ho Chi Minh is known  for a lot a things. They must have the record of highest number of motorbikes. Every corner of the city is full of these two wheel vehicles. 
Vietnam's capital was used to be called Saigon until July 1976. Prior to that, it was colonized by France. French architecture can still be seen mostly from its old buildings.These said decades old structures are what attracts foreign visitors.
the building behind me is the Rex Hotel, it used to be the hang out place of American soldiers during the 1960-1970 war)

 Here is a list of  the  famous  historical buildings of Saigon built during the French Indochina era.

1. Ho Chi Mihn City Hall -  Its a French colonial building that was originally called Hotel de Ville but has now been renamed as the People' Committee Hall. Note: This is not open to the public.
Ho Chi Mihn statue whom they fondly call Uncle Ho
2. Reunification Palace - constructed between 1962 and 1966. It used to be the President's palace in Southern Vietnam.Today it is now commonly called as the Independence Palace.  
3. Saigon  Notre Dame Cathedral -  a cathedral built during the French time in Vietnam. It is the replica of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
the cathedral's buttress
4. Central Post Office -  another building built during the French era designed and constructed by Gustav Eiffel, the same man who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 
5. Ben Than Market - old style market said to the largest of that kind in the city's central district. this is very popular to  tourists for shopping. The building is distinguishable by its clock tower.
6. Municipal Theatre - also called the Opera house 

Disclaimer: This is my personal list of the top   historical buildings in Ho Chi Minh.

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