This all- in -one- roof market was once a wet market back in the 1900's.  It was called Les Halles Centrales during the French occupation. It is located in the city's downtown area  near the central bus terminal and a few minutes walk to the Reunification Palace. 

Ben Than Market is Ho Chi Mihn's shopping haven. Here, You can buy all kinds of products  from clothes, bags, souvenir items, crafts, spices,flowers,  fruits, meat , fish and vegetables. Finding what you need is not that difficult and confusing because the shops are properly segregated according to the type of product they sell. Be sure to haggle hard. Vendors will tell you that their goods are already discounted but   more  often than not  their prices are highly marked up and it goes even higher  for   tourists. 
This huge market also have hawker style eateries. Without a doubt, this is the right  place to eat when you are looking for authentic  Vietnamese foods. For a more vibrant street dining experience, come here  when the sun sets when the  small restaurants surrounding the market open their stalls. The cooks will even prepare your food right in front of you. 


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