If there's one thing that Mui Ne is known for aside from its beaches is  non other than the red sand dunes. Locally called as Doi Cat, its color is actually orange.

 The red dunes is just a couple of  kilometers away from the tourist strip. To go here  ,you may  rent motorbike  or take the public bus that goes to Mui Ne market and ask the conductor to drop you off at the huge traffic  roundabout,   it's a  just few meters away from here.  Of course, the most expensive way is to take a taxi cab but then you are assured that you get there without getting lost. 
Due to its popularity, locals have put up all sorts of businesses. Even children joined the bandwagon, they have plastic slides for rent. They sometime (or all the time according to some travel forums) pester tourists to rent slides from them.  Some sell bottled water and softdrinks right at the dunes. But what really caught my attention was the hammocks that are for rent.
hammocks for rent, anyone?

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