So you’ve finally booked that ticket to Rome. Took the plane and landed safely in Leonardo da Vinci International Airpot.  Otherwise known as   Fumicino Airport is located at  approximately 35km or 21 miles from Rome’s  city center. How do you get into the city center?  Here   are few ways to reach the historical center.

took this photo aboard the FL1 line in Fumicino train terminal. Leonardo Express and FL1 trains
share the same station and platforms.
Leonardo Express
 This is a direct train from the airport to the Roma Termini, the main train station and costs 14 euro one way for around 30 minutes journey.  Train departs every 15 minutes (30 minutes at some hour of the day) from  Roma Termini at 5:35 AM to 20:35 PM  while from Fumicino is 6:23 AM to 23:23 PM. In case of strike, bus services will be available. Children under the age of 4 can ride for free. Also  children between the age of 4 to 12 but must be accompanied by one paying adult.

 Just outside  the Roma Termini  are the city bus stops.  The Metro line A and B are few floors underneath.

FL1 line or the local train
This train have multiple stops but take note that Roma Termini is not included.  This is cheaper  by 5 euro compared to the Leonardo Express Train. Ticket is just 8euro and departs every 15 minutes. Below are the stops in-order  from Fumicino to the terminus, Orte.
Fumicino Airport
Parco Leonardo
Fiera di Roma
Porta Galeria
Villa Bonelli
Roma Trastevere
Roma Ostiense
Roma Tuscolana
Roma Tiburtina
Roma Nomentana
Nouvo Salario
Piana Bella di Montelibretti
Fara Sabina
Distance from the airport to the Trastevere station is 27 minutes , to Ostiense is around 30 minutes while 41 minutes to Tuscolana and approximately 48 minutes to Tiburtina. If you are staying nearby these stations then the FL1 train is the best option.

Note: Both the Leonardo Express and FL1 train depart on the same station in Fumicino. Look for your correct platform.

luggage rack 

there are charging stations below the window glass.

Airport Bus
These are some of the airport buses from Fumicino.

Cotral Bus
 Located infront  of Terminal 2 arrival area and will stop at the following:
Piazza del Cinquecento infront of the Museo Nazionale Romano
Roma Tiburtina Station
Cornelia Station (Metro Line A)
Eur-Magliana Station (Metro Line B)

SIT Bus Shuttle
 Located at the Bus Station near  the exit of   Terminal 3 Arrival. It’s on Bus Stall No. 1 *. The stops are:
Roma Termini in Via Marsala
Zona Vaticano Via Crescenzio n2
Terravision Bus
It is on the same location as the SIT BUS. Look for Bus Stall No. 7*. It will also go directly to Roma Termini on Via Marsala side.

Atral-Schiafini Bus
Same location as SIT and Terravision but occupies Bus stall no. 4.*

  It’s also on Bus Stall No. 8 or 9* . The two stops are:
Stazione Ostiense Piazzale right infront of EATALY
Roma Termini in Via Giolitti

 Note:You can exchange your Terravision online reservation/ticket at the Tam Ticket Booth.


*Note: Bus Stall numbers vary from time to time. Always check with the ticket booth on which                stall the bus will park and depart. ***

Benvenuti a ROMA!


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